Last updated: Nov 28, 2021

Omne vivum ex ovo

ReDBiolab announces

Joint Seminar Series Program (ReDBioLab-MANNA-Fish-AI-Cell-Fit) available here


Marie Sklodowska-Curie ITN-ETN to Redbiolab

May 2020 Update!

PRIN 2017 Developmental origins of health and disease - impact of early maternal nutrient restriction

July 2019

Redbiolab guest CUSMIBIO winners and Trainee students MIUR

June 2019


Founded in 2005, the Reproductive and Developmental Biology Laboratory (ReDBioLab) mission is to improve the knowledge in the fields of reproductive sciences and developmental biology by conducting basic and translational research; by disseminating the obtained results within the scientific community, to the primary beneficiaries of technological innovation, and to the general public; by providing training for future scientists and professionals working in reproduction.

INNOVA: A project on biodiversity preservation led by Redbiolab

August 2019

Redbiolab guest

From the University of Tulsa, Matteo Avella Lecture

July 2019

Redbiolab at the 28th Meeting and International event of Italian Embryo Transfer Society

October 2019

Federica Franciosi Guest Editor for JoVE Methods Collection

December 2019

The project ROS in the intercompartmental crosstalk in seed (cROSs-Talk) funded to Valentina Lodde

March 2020

The Red’s 16th!

Starting the engines in the new Campus after a year of hard work! See you in 2021, folks!

Our contribute for JoVE Methods Collection: Oocyte in vitro culture strategy

July 2020

EUROVA Symposium One

Great talks: P. Hyttel, R. Vassena and T.  Hildebrandt

Jan 2021

ReDBioLab 2.0

A bigger Band! Read the update!

Feb 2021


Job posting: Open Post-Doc position Faculty of Agricultural, Food and Environmental Sciences, University of Piacenza. Find the call here

Job posting: Call for a position available at EUROVA MSCA, at Elvesys Microfluidics, France. Details will be availabe after November 20, 2021. Click here for more informations

NAWA Academic exchange

2nd International NAWA Workshop

Nov 2021