Dear Colleagues,

Although assisted reproduction technologies (ART) have had a significant boost over the past three decades, the propulsive thrust seems to have come to a halt.

Firstly, while the different species share general principles of reproductive biology, substantial differences in the biology of the gametes might exist between species. As a consequence, the techniques and strategies successfully applied in a given species are not immediately transferable to another one. Secondly, in addition to individual biological variability, the poor quality of the gametes intended for ART and the difficulty of reproducing in vitro the conditions suitable to ensure the correct functionality of the gametes are critical limiting factors.

We invite original research papers and review articles that address the improvement of reproductive performance with innovative approaches and/or proofs of principle studies. The overall aim is to shed light on animal reproductive biology and increase the translational aspects of assisted reproduction technologies both in animal breeding, conservation of threatened species and the human clinic.

Prof. Alberto Maria Luciano

Guest Editor

(Brochure Unsolved_problems_in_reproductive_biology)


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