Noemi Monferini

PhD Candidate


Noemi Monferini earned a BSc in Animal Welfare and Breeding and a MSc in Veterinary Biotechnology from the University of Milan. She is a Ph.D. student at the University of Milan, part of the PON doctorate program and “InfinitEGG” project (PRIN2020) that involves five academic research institutions coordinated by UNIMI. The project aims to provide robust and reliable in vitro culture protocols to support the development of oocytes from follicles at the early stages of development. This goal will be achieved through a multi-step approach where, as in a “relay race,” completing one step is preparatory for the following steps, starting from the primordial follicle stage in the bovine animal model. The development and optimization of the culture system rely on cutting-edge transcriptome analysis technology of mRNA from primordial, primary, and secondary follicles. The project targets greater exploitation of the ovarian reserve, enhancing female fertility preservation and reproductive efficiency, significantly improving ART efficacy in animal breeding, conservation of resources of high genetic value and biodiversity, and human medicine.


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