Valentina Lodde

Associate Professor


Valentina Lodde is an Associate Professor of Animal Anatomy and Physiology, at the Department of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science, University of Milan, since 2016. She graduated in 2002 in Biotechnology from the University of Milan and earned her PhD degree in Biotechnology applied to Veterinary Science at the same University in 2006. After a period of post-doctoral fellowship in Italy, she joined Professor John Peluso’s Laboratory at the University of Connecticut Health Center (USA), where she completed her post-doctoral training in 2011. Back in Italy, she worked as a researcher at the University of Milan until 2016. She was awarded the L’OREAL-UNESCO for Women in Science National Award in 2006 and received the Marie Curie Career Integration Grant (Individual Fellowship programme) in 2012. Dr Lodde’s research interest focuses on the determinants of mammalian female fertility, particularly the study of oocyte and embryo development. Major topics that characterize her investigations are the study of morphological and functional changes occurring in the nucleus of mammalian oocytes, the study of PGRMC1 function in ovarian somatic cells, oocytes, and preimplantation embryos, and more recently, the role of Reactive Oxygen Species in mammalian oogenesis and embryogenesis.

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Recent Peer-reviewed Research Publications (last 5 years)

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