Valeria Vurchio

PhD Candidate


PhD student at the Department of Veterinary and Animal Science, University of Milan (UNIMI), Italy.
MSc in Medical Biotech and Molecular Medicine from the University of Bari (UNIBA), Italy.
BSc in Medical and Pharmaceutical Biotechnology from the University of Bari (UNIBA), Italy.
Master’s thesis in Reproductive Biotechnology on the combined and independent effects of di-(2-ethylhexyl) phthalate and cadmium on oocyte maturation in the prepubertal ovine model (UNIBA).
Bachelor thesis in Histology and Organ Structure on the effect of polyphenols on osteoclast formation (UNIBA), Italy.
I am interested in the conservation of biodiversity.


Recent Peer-reviewed Research Publications (last 5 years)

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